Sales & Installation

We are able to produce shutters for you in as little as ten days! Call us now for a in-home consultation. We will be able to learn more about your needs, your home and the style you are looking for.

Measuring, framing and installation

Measuring, framing and installation can be a simple and efficient process, with your shutters being installed in as little as just ten days! The ShutterSMART poly wood shutters are wide open and offer full views with hidden rear tilt features, and the elegant WoodTex finish gives them the look and feel of a wood shutter.

The Thermacore louvers help to insulate your windows better than wood shutters can. This can reduce your energy bills as much as 35% month after month.

You can go green with ShutterSMART's latest shutters

You may not think of this very often, but a traditional wood shutter can be harmful to the environment. The paints, materials and methods for manufacturing shutters can create hazardous conditions for the environment.

ShutterSMART cares about the planet and the health of everyone. You can go green and have an environmentally friendly shutter that won't fade, chip, crack, or peel. Consult with our team to see how ShutterSMART has changed the shutter game.